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The Clover crew was very safety oriented, completed the project quickly, and cleaned it better than we have ever seen. I was impressed.

~Safety Manager, Central Indiana Manufacturing Facility

I want to make sure you know what a great job the Clover crew did for us today. The guys had the correct PPE on. They monitored the tank properly prior to entry. They followed all of the correct procedures and worked well with the other people in the area. I didn't have to remind them about anything from a safety aspect, they were doing things correctly the first time, which is really what we like to see from a contractor.

~Environmental Compliance Manager,
Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Once again Jason and his crew did it right. I was pleased with the work and their attitude right out of the box. Jason was spot on and prepared. Jose is a model worker and his "can do" attitude pours from his veins. Your services exceeded my expectations.

Thank You!

~Production Manager, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

The work from Friday & Sunday looked great! Even the operator on D116 complimented your crew's work.

~Maintenance Manager, Casting Facility

Thanks for coordinating this cleaning on such short notice. I really appreciate your cooperation. Great news that this will carry us through for another 5 years with the new disposal permit. Thanks again for another great job.

~Quality Control Manager, Food Production Facility

I wanted to thank Clover for the work performed last Friday. Once again you met our needs. Jason and Dave are true professionals every time they step foot into (our facility). I look forward to using your services again in the future, knowing that it will be done right.

~Process Engineer, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Please let your team know, that yesterday's clean was very well done. Great Job again!


~Ops Manager, Chemical Production Facility

Just wanted to drop u a line and thank you for the job your guys did last weekend. Your Supervisor, X, is the real deal, wish I had 1 like him working for me. Also the other 2 guys stepped up and got it done. We are getting so good at this job it is scary!

Thanks again, and hope to see you in the fall for a rematch...

~Project Manager, Steel Manufacturing Facility

Clover Industrial Services did a stellar job at XXX over July shutdown. The maintenance supervisor, XXX, was extremely pleased with the quality of the work done in the induction pits, under very difficult conditions.

I have found Troy Gamble and his staff to be extremely helpful in the sales process and professional in the delivery of services. I would encourage every account manager to take advantage of the resources and solutions offered by Clover Industrial Services.

~Account Manager, Mechanical Supply Company